Sunday, 17 September 2017

How to upload your K+ entry.. made easy!

Thank you to Katie Howard for putting together a brilliant step by step tutorial on how to upload your K+ entry.. whether you link to your blog, facebook or an online gallery Katie has it covered!
If you still need help, please feel free to inbox me on facebook.. once you've done it once you will see how easy it really is :) 

How to link your Kraft+ entry to the blog

First you need to go to the blog: and scroll down looking on the right side for the link for the current challenge, which should look something like this:

See that “add your link” button, that is the one that you want to press, this opens options that look like this:

The URL you want to enter here can be one of many options.

(this is my own blog for an older Kraft+ challenge) To get to the specific post go to your blog and click on the blog post that has your entry and it will bring that up by itself, the address for this should be in your address bar at the top of your browser, I am using Firefox and it looks like this for mine:

Or you could use a link to an on-line gallery, just go to your gallery and click on your entry page and copy the web address location that will show up in your browser in the same way as for your blog. You may need to have permissions set to public so other people can access it though.

I have a drop box account and I can create a link to share by using the share option and creating and copying a link, it looks like this:

But other online galleries may be slightly different, have a look around the one that you use to look for something similar, or use the help feature or google to help.

(By the way, this is a cut file that I created for using with the Silhouette that you can use the link to download if you want to!)

The other way is to share from Facebook direct. Just go to your profile and search your photos to find your page and open it to get your URL, it should look a bit like this, and you can see that I have the URL address highlighted ready to be copied and pasted into the link on the Kraft+ blog:

Again, with FB you need to check your permissions, otherwise people who are not your friends may not be able to access your link.

One easy way to avoid changing privacy settings in Facebook is to upload your entry to the Kraft+ FB group and then link from there using the above method.

After you have put in your URL all you need to do is add in your name, your country  and email (remember this won’t show in the link up) and hit the “Submit Link” button, this will take you to a screen asking if you want to tweet this then to finalise the upload of the link, and hey presto you are done! Happy linking, and I know the Kraft+ team are all looking forward to seeing your wonderful creations.

Thanks again Katie!!
(Have I told you that you rock lately ? )

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