Saturday, 8 September 2018

Thank You and "Goodbye".

It is hard to believe that it was almost FOUR years ago that I broached the idea of 
re- creating a Kraft based challenge blog.
 I always loved Kraft It Up and I missed it when it closed down.
I asked Amanda Hall what she thought of the idea and with her enthusiasm for the idea,  
Kraft Plus Challenges and Inspiration was born. 
To be honest.. there wouldn't of been a Kraft Plus with out her.
I remain always thankful to Amanda for not only her brilliant graphics (she made my simple ideas look genius! ) but also for her honest opinions, keeping me grounded and also for her friendship.

But now life is taking me in a different direction and, sadly, I must step down as Co-ordinator of K+

Four fantastically enthusiastic ladies will be taking over the helm and I leave K+ in their more than capable hands.
I have been privy to their upcoming challenges and ideas and I can safely say you are 
in for some fun times ahead!
Thank you Paula Perry, Emma Malinowski, Katie Howard and Rachel Rigden 
for stepping up to the plate as the new team that will run K+ . 

I would  like to say a huge thank you to all of the Sponsors who supported Kraft Plus.
Your support was humbling, especially to those in the very beginning, who put their trust in me without even knowing anything  about K+ and what my idea was. They just put their faith me.
For that I will always be grateful. 
Thank you to YOU  the Krafters.
I always love seeing YOUR creations. 
How YOU were inspired by the challenges.
To have my ideas interpreted into layouts, cards etc is hard to explain.. sometimes its overwhelming. 
So thank you for playing along, for sharing, for commenting being our guest designers and for making Kraft Plus Challenges what it is today.. we couldn't of done it without you
And I hope you continue to play along.  

And finally a big thank you to the K+ Girls 
Past and Present.
I have said my personal goodbyes to the present K+ Girls, 
but I would also like to say thank you
to the past K+ Girls. 
Thank you for your friendship. 
A friendship that I am sure will continue on.
Take care of YOU yeah?
No Stress, have fun, and just be you.
Thank you for all you do xx 
Now I am all teary and will say my goodbyes. 
But this is not really a goodbye more of a see you soon.. because
you  will be sure to see me pop in every now and then 
in the Kraft+ Community Group on Facebook. 
So until then.. 
Take care of you

Saturday, 1 September 2018

September Challenge: Office Supplies.

Hello Krafters!

It is finally September and Spring! 

This month we want you to rummage through your 
Office Supplies. 
Think paper clips, staples, envelopes, brads, bull clips, note paper, pens, pencils, 
The list goes on!

We welcome all kinds of craft as entries for our challenges, from traditional layout, cards, digital layouts, art journalling and tags etc. but please remember that it is all about the Kraft!!
You can share your K+ creations with us either in our 
Facebook Kraft Plus Community Group 
OR via the inlinkz tool in the sidebar 

The Kraft Plus Design Team 

Each and every month these girls floor me with their creativity and their different interpretations. 

Hi. Here is my take on the Office Supplies criteria. I have used paper clips, fold back clips, staples, masking tape, shipping tags, note paper, string and hole re-enforcers. TFL!

Creating my own transparency with some hole punched confetti and my laminator Also used an envelope, paper clip and tags along with a highlighter and a sharpie on grid paper to create the envelope liner and heart accent

My take for the Office Supplies challenge. I have used staples, paper files, pencils, tags, numbers, letters, paperclips. a computer embellishment, a ruler rubon and an ek success binding edge punch. My photo is really old, has lots of fingermarks on it but I still love it and wanted to use it. A day in the office with dad.

 My office supplies include: page ripped from old diary, actual pencils, staples, clip, index cards, envelope. Then I found ruler washi tape, scissors sticker!

Stickers, bulldog clip, note paper, tag and a super cool paper cli

I've had a lil fun using one of my all time favest, and go to embellishments/office supplies >>> STAPLES and some black and white paper clips.

Here is my layout for the office supplies challenge. Supplies used - page divider, notebook paper, graph paper, brads, staples, paper index clips, paper clips x 2 types, postage stamp. I think I have it covered. (I applied alcohol ink to the page divider)

So I've taken a simplistic approach to this challenge and used my most used item at work - a biro, to create my page. I used a speech bubble stencil to create the speech bubbles, and also outlined the title in biro - very carefully! I have also used a stapler to stape the photo on.

Here's my office supplies inspired layout. I've used book paper, writing paper, staples, paper clips & various 'office' related stamps. I had a lot of fun with this one & it was amazing how much I had in my stash that could be used.

I added LOTS of Kraft ‘post it’ notes to make my background for this page and a black envelope too.
Ok. So, stapled banner, hole punch & reinforcers, string, ripped note pad, liquid paper, Sharpie texta, paper clip & post it  note... think that’s all😉

I have used paperclips, staples, notebook paper, index card, date stamp (an office one not a scrapbook one 😂) and some roller liquid paper.

I have used: Re-enforcement rings, alpha stencil, correction tape, highlighter, staples, laminating pouches, sharpie and a notepad.

I think I am in love with EVERY single layout above! 

Kraft Plus Guest Designer 

This month our K+ Guest Designer is a very clever 
Card Maker!
Please Welcome 
Kay Forder 

Kay has used a paper clip, tag and envelope
Such a beautiful card Kay!
Thank you for joining us.

And that is it for the September challenge. 
Thank you to all of you who played along with the August Terracotta challenge. 
We urge you to please share your challenge interpretations with us over at the 
K+ Community Group. 

There will be a few changes in store in the future.. stay tuned. :)

Now get going and raid your office supplies, your kids pencil cases, your newsagencies. 
We can't wait to see what you come up with :) 

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

August Challenge: Inspired by Terracotta

Hello Krafters! 
Here in Australia it is the last month of Winter
and gardeners are out in their gardens
getting ready for Spring.
Pruning their roses, fertilizing their soil,  re-potting plants  etc.
And, speaking of pots.. terracotta pots that is... we have our next challenge for you!

Be inspired by Terracotta 

You could be inspired by the pots themselves and create a garden page. 
You could be inspired by the colour terracotta and team it with another colour to create a stunning colour combo (think teals, yellows  or blues!)
Or you could find inspiration in Amanda's brilliant graphic. 
We look forward to seeing what you come up with! 

We welcome all kinds of craft as entries for our challenges, from traditional layout, cards, digital layouts, art journalling and tags etc. but please remember that it is all about the Kraft!!

You can share your K+ creations with us either in our 
Facebook Kraft Plus Community Group 
OR via the inlinkz in the sidebar 

The Design Team 

have come up with some stunning and clever ideas to inspire you all 

I was inspired by our graphics with the terracotta tiles and also this 
colour scheme that I found on pinterest. 

Using my distress oxide inks (again!) I created my background with a stencil and stencil brush (best new tool ever!), and I thought this photo of Uluru was a perfect match for this colour scheme!

For this challenge Louise has used some terracotta coloured paint with a favourite stencil, to create a background for a coordinated colour photo

I struggled to get started with this one.
 But Sandra Brimelow wisely advised me to start with the photo and go from there. This photo was taken at a local botanic gardens which has a desert garden (a great terracotta colour) and then I have used some paint in the background to tie it in.

I've made a card for this month. Stamped woodgrain background on Kraft

This challenge had me scrabbling around in my hundreds of travel photos for inspiration.
 I finally came across a few photos of a mural in a little country town in S.A. and managed to stitch a few of them together with the help of you tube.

As suspected I had lots of trouble finding terracotta in my stash! I picked my photo based on the terracotta hues in it and then took inspiration from the Aztec-type patterns on my scarf (one of my favourites). The photo is a recent one of my sister and I on her 40th.

I was inspired by the colour of the bricks, but also the different colours in the challenge graphic. I wanted to try to replicate the look of the bricks in the photos, so did a lot of mixed media to them. Terracotta comes in so many different colours, so I have tried to represent this with the flowers.

The terra-cotta reminded me of bricks... so created my bg based on them.

Hi..Here is my layout for August to be inspired by Terracotta.. I love this older photo of my two sitting in a big pot I bought for my garden.. My they have both grown so much since this day!! TFL!

My inspiration came from the shape of the tiles, hence why I grabbed this stencil, which I used with the gel plate, then misted after it had dried.

I broke a small terracotta container to add to the layout Inspired by the idea that we are but fragile vases but that we can be remade to be whole again.

Kraft Plus Guest Designers 

Melinda Sweetman 

I was truly stumped with the prompt this month and whenever I don't know the answer I ask my friend Dr Google! Dr Google showed me a tonne of photos of the Terracotta Army and lots of terracotta pots. I then googled terracotta pots and got lots of photos including cactii! Which lead me to google Cactii quotes and I ended up with this one!! The lovely Gwen will be releasing the cactii cut file in a few days and I knew it would be perfect for this page so off I went!

Lisa Marie-Watling

For this one, I allowed my mind to wander far. My first thoughts on tiles was 'roof'.  And from there it snowballed to house, home and a poster I have up in my home titled "What I love most about my home is who I share it with".  Home is not just bricks and mortar; home is those you love.  My daughter is my home, my love, my life, my everything.

I love where the inspiration took you Lisa-Marie

And there is our challenge for you this month.
How will YOU be inspired by Terracotta?
We hope you play along :)
Until then
Happy Krafting

Sunday, 1 July 2018

July Challenge ..Warp and Weft..also a sad goodbye and an exciting introduction!

Hello again Krafters!

I'm not sure where the months are going,
 it is hard to fathom that it is already 

Thank you to everyone who played along with the
Dr Seuss challenge, we just loved seeing all of your 
interpretations of his quotes and also to those who have embraced 
our new direction and have been joining in on the 
conversations and games in our Facebook Community 
This month the challenge is... 

Warp and Weft. 

Incorporate some
onto your creation. 

Graphic designed by Amanda Hall 

Criteria : Kraft + Weaving 

We welcome all kinds of craft as entries for our challenges, from traditional layout, cards, digital layouts, art journalling and tags etc. but please remember that it is all about the Kraft!!

Your work MUST be on a KRAFT BACKGROUND (not merely mounted on Kraft) to be eligible.

**Please take the time to read the RULES before participating.
you can participate by  uploading  your entry via the inlinkz section in our side bar or via our
 Facebook Kraft Plus Community Group 

A Sad Goodbye …

It is with sadness that  we say goodbye to 

Belinda Jane Spencer 
from the K+ Design Team. 
Belinda has amazed us time and time again with her amazing talent 
and with  her stunning interpretations of 
the K+ Challenges and has also been  
wonderfully supportive behind the scenes.
Thank you BJ  ( ;-) ) for your support and friendship.
We wish you all the very best with your future endeavours.

and an Exciting Introduction  

We have 
talented designers joining our K+ Design Team 
I am sure these girls will knock your socks off with their 
future K+ inspirations. 

Please Welcome 

Sandra Brimelow 

(I think it is safe to say that Sandra has always been an unofficial 
K+ girl right from the start.. playing along with all but  one K+ challenge.)
Thank you Sandra for your continuing support and it is so wonderful to make you an official K+ Girl :)  x


Rachel Rigden 

Design Team 
(Wow Girls!! Such brilliant inspiration! ) 

"For this challenge, I have woven ribbon through lace, used hessian with a very woven texture. I also used Threads from the hessian to lay across the hessian, essentially appearing like it is woven, The Charms heart has woven fabric on it as well."

I started with the large cut file and an idea to weave some paper through that. It didn't really work as well as I'd hoped. I love working with embroidery thread so I decided to make the large heart instead (also a cut file). When I put some Crate Paper Good Vibes paper behind the large cut file it looked awesome. I just love how well the purple-blue in the Good Vibes works with the Kraft. I popped up the Kraft chevron with a couple of glue dots to give it dimension. In the end I was really happy with how this one turned out.

"I saw some paper weaving using book paper and that is where I started! I used my gelli plate to add some colour with distress inks to my book paper and also took some prints on deli paper and plain paper at the same time. I used all three types of paper to weave a background mat for my photos and decided to also weave directly into my background. I love how it turned out!"

"Don't you just love it when a skerrick of an idea comes to life on the page, just the way you hoped it would? My weaving was done with ripped up jeans, kindly donated by this Girl's Grandfather."

Janice has used plasterers tape and some brightly coloured thread to create stunning focal points 
and has also included some subtle stamping of a woven pattern. 

When I put the weaving on the paper, it looked like more of a weaving challenge than a kraft one. Pulled out some stamps and made some matching paper and embellishments to put a bit of focus back on the Kraft

I used a stamp with a weaving pattern, weaving patterned paper, hessian, some charms with weaving material, dies with a weaving pattern and chipboard too. I think that is it!

"She weaves magic everywhere she goes" I used my old Creative Memories cutter for this...too easy! I'd lose half my fingers with a blade & ruler  
The underside actually looks so good that I'm tempted to use the back too. Thanks for the challenge Sandra, not sure I'd have done paper weaving otherwise
 "I did some paper weaving then cut stars out from it!!"

"Ten cms of weaving made it on the page!"

 "Loved this challenge. 
I did some "chunky" weaving on my back ground and added some ribbon in the weave too.. TFL!"

Louise has incorporated weaving in the most brilliant way and in typical Lou style.

 Using some paper weaving for my take on the challenge

Used my Gel Plate to make backgrounds, cut them into strips and wove them. Stuck to some card, then die cut all the circles!!! Loved this challenge, although, it did test my patience a little
Light bulbs and woven black die cuts from Uniquely Creative dies!

Kraft Plus Guest Designer 

Tracey Beer 

Tracey has used a woven bracelet she bought at the market in
 Central America as told in her journaling.

Lynette Jacobs 

Lynette's Blog

I cut up one sheet of patterned paper and weaved it, then I stuck a chipboard heart onto the weaving and cut off the pieces around the heart

Thank you again to everyone who played along with the Dr Seuss challenge. 

Please remember.. we would LOVE to see you and your creations in the 
K+ Community Group
Or why not just pop in and pay a visit and hang out for a while ;) 

Until next time..
Happy Krafting… and WEAVING! 

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