Saturday 8 September 2018

Thank You and "Goodbye".

It is hard to believe that it was almost FOUR years ago that I broached the idea of 
re- creating a Kraft based challenge blog.
 I always loved Kraft It Up and I missed it when it closed down.
I asked Amanda Hall what she thought of the idea and with her enthusiasm for the idea,  
Kraft Plus Challenges and Inspiration was born. 
To be honest.. there wouldn't of been a Kraft Plus with out her.
I remain always thankful to Amanda for not only her brilliant graphics (she made my simple ideas look genius! ) but also for her honest opinions, keeping me grounded and also for her friendship.

But now life is taking me in a different direction and, sadly, I must step down as Co-ordinator of K+

Four fantastically enthusiastic ladies will be taking over the helm and I leave K+ in their more than capable hands.
I have been privy to their upcoming challenges and ideas and I can safely say you are 
in for some fun times ahead!
Thank you Paula Perry, Emma Malinowski, Katie Howard and Rachel Rigden 
for stepping up to the plate as the new team that will run K+ . 

I would  like to say a huge thank you to all of the Sponsors who supported Kraft Plus.
Your support was humbling, especially to those in the very beginning, who put their trust in me without even knowing anything  about K+ and what my idea was. They just put their faith me.
For that I will always be grateful. 
Thank you to YOU  the Krafters.
I always love seeing YOUR creations. 
How YOU were inspired by the challenges.
To have my ideas interpreted into layouts, cards etc is hard to explain.. sometimes its overwhelming. 
So thank you for playing along, for sharing, for commenting being our guest designers and for making Kraft Plus Challenges what it is today.. we couldn't of done it without you
And I hope you continue to play along.  

And finally a big thank you to the K+ Girls 
Past and Present.
I have said my personal goodbyes to the present K+ Girls, 
but I would also like to say thank you
to the past K+ Girls. 
Thank you for your friendship. 
A friendship that I am sure will continue on.
Take care of YOU yeah?
No Stress, have fun, and just be you.
Thank you for all you do xx 
Now I am all teary and will say my goodbyes. 
But this is not really a goodbye more of a see you soon.. because
you  will be sure to see me pop in every now and then 
in the Kraft+ Community Group on Facebook. 
So until then.. 
Take care of you

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